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Why Start a Blog?

The main reason to start a blog is not only to improve your writing, but to document your improvements. In a few months you can read your beginner posts, have a good laugh, and say, “OMG! What a rookie!” It’s a good way to gain experience. If you are in the learning phase of developing your voice and style as a writer, then what better way to experiment and get feedback from readers? See what generates the most views, what keeps them coming back? Maybe a certain post received several likes. Perhaps you don’t know what you want to blog about. Start with something you’re passionate about. If you aren’t excited about it, you won’t fool your readers. If you love to write and can’t imagine doing anything else, then start with that! Do you want to begin work as a freelance writer? Blogging is a great way to network and get your name out there. I can’t think of a more exceptional sounding board for ideas, practice, and feedback. You can’t listen to the little voice that nags, “No one cares about what you write.” How will you ever find out if your to scared to try?

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Your Writing Space

Creating a space that you actually want to be in, is essential to your craft. After all, if you do not want to be in your office, how can you expect to get any work done. You can carry your laptop to the park with you, weather permitting. You could also sit in a favorite lawn chair by the pool or on the beach. These surroundings are not always realistic. The writer who works from home does just that, works from home. Your home office doesn’t have to


feel like work, though. Why not create a mini retreat for yourself. A home office that is your sanctuary. When you walk through that door, the world outside of it doesn’t exist. This is where your inspiration comes to life. This where you create. Trust me, it doesn’t need to take a lot of work or money. I converted the walk-in closet off of my bedroom into my office. Behind me, there is a wall of hangers and clothes. Who cares. They’re behind me. I can’t see them when I am at my computer. I keep it neat and organized so there is not the feeling of clutter, and I have ample space for my desk area. There is a corner of the room where I have the doggie bed set up, so even the little hairy guy has a place to nestle. As you can see I have notes, instructions, writing prompts, pictures, and anything else that may inspire me. I savor the cozy cottage ambiance of my home, so I played it up for my writing space. These are just my personal preferences. You can create your space to suit your personal style and needs. Go ahead, give it a try. Turn your home office (or any space) into an inviting area to work from.