Your Unique Voice

imagesI would like to talk about your writing voice. I have read many different posts, articles, and blogs yet no one can answer the question, “How do you find your writing voice? How do you know what your voice is?” The answers always seem so vague. Nothing I have read has been helpful in pinpointing or developing this phantom “voice” that all of us writers talk about. Well friends, today I am going to change that. When you are done reading this post, not only will you know what your writing voice is and where it comes from, you will know how to continue to cultivate it. I am going to give you a simple writing exercise. Take these three words:

  1. Love
  2. Integrity
  3. Loss

Now I want you to free-write a  page about what each word brings to your mind. I want you to really dig deep.  Sit with each word, and think for a minute. What do these words make you feel? What unique familiarity have you experienced in relation to these words? Think about each word separately. When you are ready, just write. Write until you have run out of words. Try to fill a page, but if you can’t that’s okay too. When you are done with each word, look at your exercise, at what you have written. Your experiences in life, your feelings, you put them into words that only you could write. This, friend, is the beginning of your writing voice. From now on, when you take a prompt a day, or free-write for your twenty minute session, whatever your personal writing routine is for the day, continue to cultivate and nurture this uniqueness. This is what sets you apart from other writers. This is what makes your message special. No one else can write it quite like you. Embrace the beauty that is your very own writing voice and share it with the world. Happy writing, writers! Until next time…..Be blessed.


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