Reasons to Keep a Writing Journal

journalThere are so many benefits of keeping a writing journal I scarcely know where to start. Let me ask, where do you keep all of those great ideas you spend so much time downloading from the internet? When you read suggestions and tips to enhance your writing skills do you apply them, or do you just have a master list collecting dust somewhere? If you want to become a better writer you must write. When you spot a prompt that intrigues you, record your phrase, paragraph, short story, or poem (whatever comes to mind!) in your writing journal. All of those wonderful tips that catch your eye need to have a special place where you can locate them easily. I have books with journal ideas for every day of the year. There are so many writing exercises out there that are fun and interesting. The point is to get you writing. Anything that inspires you to put words on paper is effective and helpful. Recording all of these entries, whether you jot down an idea or write a 15 page short story, is imperative to your progress as a writer. A significant benefit of a writing journal is you have a place that reflects your growth. You can put your progress and affirmations out in the universe. journal1 All writers need a place to freewrite, or even a space that you can scribble your frustrations about writing. Every writer can prosper intellectually from practicing  new techniques, writing from a different point of view, or experimenting with another genre. You can tape or paste photos from a magazine or your own gallery into your journal. You can draw maps for worlds you’ve created. A writer’s journal is organized chaos.It is yours to be as wacky or as practical as your writing is!  A neat little package for all of your writing ideas and exercises. A journal is a powerful tool for experimentation and reflection.

           Choosing a journal that appeals to you is significant. You want a notebook that inspires you  and makes you want to write inside of it. Another essential aspect is selecting a journal, is finding one small enough to conveniently carry with you, either in your laptop case or pocketbook. That way it is easily accessible if you spot or hear something that inspires you to jot an entry, blurb, or just a thought/idea. It is key to write it down quickly, because you will not remember it later no matter how hard you attempt to convince yourself you will.

If the physical act of implementing pen and paper does not appeal to you, there are several  journal apps or software to get you started. Many of them are free. Pretty much anything you can do with regular journal, you can do with the digital version. What type of journal you use is unimportant, what is, is that you use one. Even ten minutes a day can benefit your writing significantly. Journal2

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